Lifelike Matte Temporary Tattoos

Laura Makes

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Lifelike Matte Temporary Tattoos
Lifelike Matte Temporary Tattoos
Lifelike Matte Temporary Tattoos
Lifelike Matte Temporary Tattoos
Lifelike Matte Temporary Tattoos

Ever wanted to try out a tattoo size or location before committing to the real thing? Or maybe you are afraid of needles? Maybe commitment in general scares you? Whatever the reason, we’ve got a fun solution with some life-like temporary tattoos that can satiate your love for floral. All designed with an original Laura Makes illustration, these tattoos can last 3-10 days depending on location and care. 

Each tattoo includes a mattifying solution to apply to the top of the tattoo to remove the shine and give it lifelike looking texture. 

Detailed application & care instructions included with each purchase. 

Select from 3 different designs, or get them all together as a set. The options are:

- Floral Sprig (3.5” x 2) 

- Wild Rose Bouquet (4”x3”)

- Honey Bee Flash Sheet (4”x4” - 7 different designs)

- Complete Tattoo Package (all of the above at a bundled discount price)

Non-toxic and FDA approved. If you have sensitive skin however, a small test patch is recommended. 

Easily removed with alcohol or oil. 

If you end up loving your design, and want to make it permanent, please check out my ‘tattoo permission’ section of my website. 

international orders: DO NOT come with tracking if you chooses the lowest shipping rate (and have been taking up to 4 months during the global pandemic)

**** Also note- if your order gets returned to me as mail (the small vile of solution some carriers may classify as too thick for mail) I will need to resend WITHOUT the mattifying solution, or if you would prefer you can pay parcel shipping. You will be contacted if this happens. 

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