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Custom Logo Stamp

Laura Makes

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Custom Logo Stamp
Custom Logo Stamp
Custom Logo Stamp
Custom Logo Stamp
Custom Logo Stamp
Custom Logo Stamp
Custom Logo Stamp
Custom Logo Stamp

Great taste friend! A hand carved stamp of your business logo is the perfect addition of charm and professionalism for your packaging - the first thing your much appreciated customers get to see as a reflection of your brand. A hand carved stamp adds character and charm a printer or engraver simply cannot do. Your stamp will come mounted on a wooden block, and I promise you it will be a fun unboxing experience when it reaches you in the mail.

Hand carving your logo is truly an honor for us. We pay utmost attention to detail, and never rush the process. Each stamp takes on average 1-2 hours to complete, as the carving process is tedious and done by hand, unlike generic laser engraving. This is the reason for the difference in price from a stamp you would pick up at any old craft store. 

Please read the listing details below carefully. Due to the hand carved nature of the stamp, some limitations apply! Thank you!


• Read the guidelines below to figure out which size works best for your logo image and project needs. Some limitations apply, and we hate to turn down your project, or refund an order, because it doesn't meet the criteria outlined below.

•If you are unsure about which size to choose, please feel free to contact us below for some help in deciding.

• If your logo meets the criteria below in the size you would like, you may go ahead and order in that size. Please attach your image before adding your stamp to your cart. JEPG, PNG, and PDF files are accepted, and for best results, check your file to make sure it can be stretched to the stamp size you ordered without the quality becoming too poor.

• At this time, we do not offer custom design for logo stamps. If you do not have a logo image, please leave a reference number for the predesigned image of your choice in checkout. Read more info on this route below.

• After an order has been placed, I will begin carving your stamp and have it ready to ship out within 1-2 weeks.


• To carve you your best stamp, we recommend text be NO SMALLER than 1/4" tall. Any smaller and you are taking a risk that we cannot 100% guarantee will look like your image. You also risk stamp fragility. Some exceptions may apply- for example: if your text is a Sans-Serif font (does not have ticks at the ends of each letter), or if your text is a bold font. If you may be interested in smaller text, or are curious if your stamp may be eligible for a smaller size, please inquire with an image of your logo before ordering.

• Lines and small details that are thin most likely cannot be carved smaller than a pencil line, or else they can become too fragile. 

• If your logo is very detailed or is a watercolor logo that needs some reformatting to work as a stamp, please inquire with an image of your logo, as well as your size of interest, before purchasing. 


The pre-designed images pictured in the last two photos of this listing are the solution if you do not have a logo design.

Leave the reference number of the desired design, as well as your business name during checkout.

I will send a mock up with your business name in the design before I begin your stamp, though only after purchase.

Please keep in mind that I cannot carve text smaller than 1/4”, so please consider this when selecting a size.

*You may use the design for stamping purposes only. Designs will be resold, and the image rights belong to me.

Unfortunately, I cannot create completely custom logo design simply for a stamp. If you are interested in a logo that is exclusively yours, and can be used digitally and on all platforms, please check out the designs in the Logo Design section of the website.



• Please note the size options are for the LARGEST dimension of your logo, pricing is not for square inches. If your logo is significantly wider than tall, or vice versa, I may be able to offer you a different price point at my discretion, please contact me with an image of your logo.

• If your desired size is out of stock - please message me, I may have something available if I know the exact dimensions of your image.

• I ship using USPS first class mail service, which does not include tracking outside of the USA. For the most inexpensive rates, it typically takes 3-5 days within the USA, 1-4 weeks to Canada, and 2-4+ weeks to any other international location. 

• Your stamp will come packaged carefully in a sturdy box, with special caring instructions included.

• By purchasing this item, I assume you are allowing me to use the stamp in photos that may be posted on this platform and other social media, unless you specifically ask me not to do so.

Whew, that's a lot! Thanks for reading through friends,

happy stamping!

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