2 Set Mini Prints

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2 Set Mini Prints
2 Set Mini Prints
2 Set Mini Prints
2 Set Mini Prints
2 Set Mini Prints

So much pretty paper scraps needed a purpose, so I am introducing mini prints! Perfect for a space that needs a little inspiration, or use them as beautiful notecards, or gift them to a friend that needs a little happiness. 

Each set includes a quoted print, and a floral print. You may request the quote you prefer, as well as the predominate colour you prefer, but the rest will have to be a bit of a surprise. Requests can be accommodated while supplies last, so there is no guarantee you will get your exact request, but I will try my best to cater to your preferences. 

Each print ranges in size, but can go as large as 4x5”, and as small as 3.5x2.5”

Prints are made from hand carved original rubber stamp designs, and printed by hand with archival ink on lovely handmade paper. 

The quote options are:

1. You are magical

2. Today is a good day

The color options are: 

(you will most likely get the color + a neutral, or a bolder and more muted version of desired color)

1. Pink

2. Purple

3. Blue

4. Green

Please leave preferences in the notes section upon checkout, otherwise a random selection will be made for you.

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