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Laura Makes

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Entire Sticker Collection

own the entire sticker collection for a niiiiiice packaged value price.

These are not paper stickers  - they are a high quality, durable vinyl. Scratch proof, water proof, and weather proof. They can even safely go through the dishwasher.

Great to put on laptops, water flasks, your vehicle, & any other place it will get seen and used often.

whats included: the entire range of Laura Makes originally illustrated stickers. There are 5 in total. 

Hand holding flowers Sticker is 5” tall, bee sticker is 4” tall, tea round sticker is 3”, floral #2 sticker is 3” tall, and always growing round is 2”. 

 - set of 5 stickers

- durable vinyl

- various sizes

- complementary color palettes 


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