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Palms Silk Bandana Seconds

Laura Makes

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Palms Silk Bandana Seconds
Palms Silk Bandana Seconds
Palms Silk Bandana Seconds


These are 100% silk, palms bandanas with imperfections. The price reflects the imperfections. 

These bandanas have great prints, though due to shrinkage during the dying process, the silk bandana is slightly rectangular. They have ended up with an edge difference of 0.5”-1.5” on one side. Example is pictured, please see corner of bandana to see rough difference in edge length. Bandanas are all ~22-23” 

Note: the rose colored silks are not rectangular, instead they have dye issues like slight marbling.

Pictured in order of top to bottom, & then left to right:

BLUSH - lightest pink

ROSE - the slightly darker pink

STONE - the blue-grey

POPPY - the red


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