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Christmas Ornament

Laura Makes

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Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament

This ornament is a great decorative addition to any room, or tree! Raw materials meet modern elegance with the addition of a blockprinted design on molded concrete shapes. It works as a year round decor element, or add some charm to an untraditional Christmas tree.

These little ornaments are a labor of love. They are mixed and hand poured individually, and include integrated colors - meaning the color is added to the raw materials, and not painted on. Each ornament is then hand printed using a block uniquely designed & hand carved. The impression is ‘stamped’ on, and can leave a slightly grainy stamp-like impression in some areas. Ornaments are then sealed in protective masonry seal, that does not change the texture of the raw material, but leaves them water resistant. Ornaments are then finished off with a 100% silk, raw edge ribbon. 

This listing for one ornament. It is an oval floral ornament, printed with either gold or white archival ink onto cement, double sided print.

The colors can very slightly in depth from piece to piece. Due to the limited quantities, exchanges will not be supported. 

Also, please note: the raw nature of concrete can create small anomaly’s in each piece, like tiny air bubbles, slight unevenness, imperfect edges, differences in depth of color, or additional flecks of color pigment. Each piece is its own unique piece with the combination of its individual concrete pour & hand printed design. 

Protection is against surface stains, though concrete is still porous by nature - so it is recommended to wipe away any spills immediately to avoid stains that can run deep into the stone. Do not submerge completely in water, as this can cause cracking or breakage. Ornaments cannot be returned if stained by water, soap or oils, or if damaged AFTER their shipment arrival, so please care for your ornaments mindfully. They are as durable as any other porcelain ornament. 

* made to order items: please allow a few extra days onto regular (5 business days) order processing time for production. All other items in order will ship with ornament. 

Shipped with all recyclable materials, OR post consumer materials (reused packaging). Please contact immediately if item arrives damaged by mail.

• concrete ornament

• oval: 3.5” tall, 2” wide

• each ornament can weigh ~1.5-2.5 oz.

• blockprinted image

• double sided print

• 100% silk, raw edge ribbon

• sealed for protection

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